Saturday, May 10, 2008

Polycom IP330 and 0x4020

I have been an avid Trixbox user for years now and recently decided to begin an implementation at my office.  Using the latest 2.4 release and my trusted Polycom IP330 desk phones, I decided to set up a small test setup to show the power and benefits of the system to senior management, in hopes they would upgrade our antiquated system.  Surprisingly, after configuring the system, running a "yum install polycom-firmware" and then a "setup-polycom" all my phones started displaying an "Config error 0x4020" during boot up and constantly rebooting.  I was using the tftp option to boot from.  They all upgraded to the latest bootrom and sip image but refused to load the config.

I found a posting at Trixbox called 0x4020.  I tried the config rperkins had posted using his ftp settings and to my surprise, my phones booted up without any issue.  Next, I downloaded all his files into my /tftpboot directory on my Trixbox server in order to test his configs in my environment.  Same problem as before, it would load everything but then get a 0x4020 error and reboot.  I finally decided to install an ftp server on my trixbox and point the root directory for ftp to /tftpboot.  Again, I rebooted my IP330s and changed the server config to ftp instead of tftp with the proper username / password combo and they were working again in my environment.

I decided to point the ftp root directory to /tftpboot so that I could continue to use the Endpoint Manager option in Trixbox without having to edit the code where it outputs the configs.

I hope that this helps anyone else who was having similar problems.